1.请你给我15篇简单英语作文 不超过30个单词 带翻译的 急用 (6年级)




请你给我15篇简单英语作文 不超过30个单词 带翻译的 急用 (6年级)

       1。Today and friends of foreign travel, outside air is very good, people feel very comfortable. We all appreciate the fine girls bicycles. We enjoyed the beautiful nature brought. We happily spent a happy day. 今天和朋友一起出外交游,外面的空气很好,人感觉很舒服。我们骑着自行车一路欣赏鸟语花香。享受着大自然带给我们的无限美好。大家开开心心地度过了愉快的一天。

       2。Today Mailehaoduo clothes, and parents take to the streets is happy, the parents have to pay to buy things. Unlike in their street to buy things they like to take a long time but saw the price, Ha-ha, is really very happy. I love my parents, I too thank them for the care and love. `` 今天买了好多衣服,和父母上街就是愉快,买东西有父母帮付钱。不像平时自己上街买东西碰到喜欢的但看了价钱都要考虑好久,呵呵,真的是很开心。我爱我的父母,太感谢他们对我的关心和爱戴了。

       3.Flute " Robinson Crusoe " of good fortune, novelist of British, describe protagonist drift about on the island, overcome the difficulty, the legend story of pioneering an enterprise with painstaking efforts. Novel write true naturally, legendary. The protagonist plants the crops on the detached island, puts up the log cabin, has eaten the innumerable trials and tribulations, survive. Want, go back human world anxious, want to go how about go out of these damnable place only like make him to be fascinated, result fail, get back to, long separated for Britain for 28 year give me enlightenment by " Robinson's records of adventure " on 1868 year finally, tanacity of him let me wait for a chance to cause trouble, want, march toward another goal for life, look like Robinson like that spend one's own strength,reach ideal realm one's own. We need possess Robinson so spirit of struggle diligently.

       英国小说家笛福的《鲁滨逊漂流记》描述了主人公漂流海岛,战胜困难,艰苦创业的传奇故事. 小说写得真实自然,富有传奇色彩.主人公在孤岛上种庄稼,搭木屋,吃了千辛万苦,生存下来.但想回人间的心切,使他着迷般地只想到如何走出这个鬼地方,结果还是失败了,最后于1868年回到阔别28年的英国





       1.today is Sunday. my mother and I go to the park.there are lots of people in the park. some of them are walking. some of them are sitting under the tree. It's really hot today . My mother is wearing a dress , I am wearing a t- shirt . we take lots of photos in the park. we have a good time.


       2.it was hot yeaterday ,but it was a good day for swimming . My father and I went to the swimming pool . I spent one hour in swimming . I like swimming very much . because I think it’s interesting . after swimming , my father bought an icecream for me . I had a wonderful time.


       3、 I woke up early this morning. I went out to play with my neighbor. We watched cartoon at his home. After I went home about 4 O'clock in the afternoon, I helped my mother to do some house work. She is very happy so I am happy too.


       4、 I am sick to-day. When I woke up in the morning, I didn't feel well. My mother took me to the doctor and the doctor gave me a shot. It was very painful. Since I didn't feel well, I went to bed real early.


       5. I had a good time last weekend. On Sunday morning, I stayed at home and did my homework. The homework wasn’t difficult. After that, I played volleyball with my friends. It was tired, but very exciting. In the afternoon, I cooked dinner for my parents. It was a little difficult, I think. After dinner, I went to swim in the river. I can swim very well. I had a relaxing weekend.


       6. yesterday , my parents and I went to the Beijing . it took our 7 hours to got to Beijing. This morning , we visited the durm tower. There are 25 drums, one big drum in the middle and 24 small drums around it, the oldest drum is made of the skin of animals, but there are many brands of knives, they were made by the soldiers who attacked China in 1900. And it is 2.22meters’high and 2.25meters’long and 1.17meters’wide. we took lots of photos there. We had a good time.



       7. this afternoon, I went to my friend’s birthday party. I bought a present for her. We are good friends . we studied in the same primary school . she is very honest and kind . when I need help , she always help me . I'm glad she's my friend . this afternoon , we sang songs, we ate birthday cake , we play together. we are very happy .


       This year's summer vacation was most enjoyable. I spent fifteen days helping my grandparents doing farm work in the countryside, where I saw mountains and fields covered with green plants. Sometimes I went swimming in the river to the west of the village, the water in which was quite clear.

       I kept a diary every day. Besides doing farm work, I help the children in the neighborhood with their lessons. All of them showed much interest in English. They could read and write well, but they could hardly understand simple English. So every day in the morning I spent about two hours helping them improve their listening and spoken English. They all made great progress. Their parents all thought highly of me. I now realize that knowledge is very much needed in the countryside.

       8. I went shopping with Li Mei. We left at 10 o'clock in the morning. When we got to the downtown, there were so many people. It was so crowded as it was a beautiful day and it was Sunday. I didn't buy anything because everything was very expensive.

       9. I didn't go anywhere today. I stayed at home doing my homework and helping my mother with housework. I realised it was not easy to do so much housework all by oneself. I should help mother more in the future.

       10. I read an article today. It was about how people should try their best to save water. Water is very important for human being but some people are just wasting water. They don't turn off the tap after they finish using it. We should do better to save water.

       11. My father took me out fishing today. At the beginning, we spent a long time waiting there but there was no fish. I was very impatient and didn't want to stay there. I wanted to come home. Father said to me, "Don't give up everything easily. We should keep on trying hard".

       12. I went to the People's Park with my family today. We had picnic in the park. My mother and grandparents were preparing food, father was playing badminton with his friend while I was reading under a tree.

       13. Mingming came to my house today. We spent some time playing computer games. We played basketball game online. I chose NBA and Mingming had to take CBA. Of course, I won finally. We had a good time.

       14. I went to visit one of our teachers with some of my classmates this morning. Miss Jones is our English teacher and she likes all the classmates. She tried so hard to help us to improve our English. We went to her flat and had lunch there with her. We had a good time.

       15. I went to see a film in the cinema this evening. It was called Kong Fu Panda. I love this film. It is funny but I also learned something from the film. We should not give up things easily. We should have a good plan and make up our mind to make our dream come true.

       16. Xiaomei and I went out this morning. We went to the city centre. We went window shopping, and then we had lunch at the restaurant. We didn't buy anything as we didn't have much money, but we still had a wonderful time.

       17. Holiday nearly comes to the ead now. I am very happy because I have already finished my homework. I also helped my mother with some housework this summer holiday. I believe I have grown up now and should know what I should be in the future. I will try harder to study well and be a good person.

       18 快乐的暑假生活-Happy Summer Holidays

       My summer vacation of this year was very enjoyable. I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays. It is very beautiful there. There are green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals and kind people. I spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some farm work there. I wrote down what happened in my diary every day.


       Besides that, I helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. I helped them read English and improve their spoken English. Their parents thanked me for this.


       20My summer plan

        During this summer I’m going to learn how to type on computer. My father is a teacher and he has to type exercises for his students to do. He is very busy. I want to help him but I can’t type. I have made several pen pals from US. When we chat online I type too slowly. It makes them unhappy. So I’m going to join the computer club to learn how to type.

        In my opinion, we should learn how to use computer. It’s very important and useful




       I've had a lot of money this summer.

       I don't have to go to school. I have more time. I don't play puter and watch TV like other children, but I go to learn some lessons. I took an English class, an English class, and a swimming class. And also to study writing at a teacher's home. Although the daily schedule is full, I don't feel hard at all, and I live a full life. I think my ability to solve math problems has increased; The accumulated English words are more abundant; There has also been a certain improvement in the expressive power of the position; The skills of swimming have improved rapidly.

       My biggest gain is watching the Olympics. I use my breaks to turn on the TV and watch the Olympics. I saw many excellent athletes from the television, they take a lot of MEDALS, when the reporter asked they won the gold medal, want to say something, the athletes would say: "I've done in order to get the gold medal, sweat, and a lot of energy. I think if you want to succeed, you must be the effort." Their words made me think for a long time.


       This summer vacation! True double happiness to the door!

       The first is: learn two kinds of swimming

       Before the fifth grade, I'm a landlubber "fear of water" scared to death. My dad summer should drag me to the swimming pool to swim. The first class not very nervous, but the second class began, I will find many excuses not to go swimming, of course, there are success and failure. Nervous every time I want to move bowels. On one occasion, the teacher let me practice wave. I wave to the middle, want to hold the rail, but didn't help to, almost choked to death. After this time I am more afraid of, fortunately, god let the coach to go on a business trip. I thought I can't go to the swim and drag the school ***had been*** on August 10, but my father dragged me to the hotel to swim. Luckily there shallow, overe a fear, I pushed her hands and feet, my heart is only a thought, that is to try to learn to swim and I don't know how can I think so. Gradually, 8 m I can swim. I can swim, then fell in love with swimming, clamour to swim every day. Now, I can swim breaststroke and backstroke already. I can swim breaststroke 400 meters! The *** s looked at them and asked me to teach them. Even the very young dad lost to me.

       Second joy: go go

       That day learned guzheng, LaoJiu suddenly asked me if I want to go, I a face of vacant. LaoJiu said cousin has been going a bit, I seemed to have a crush. Smooth said 1: "good!" After buying go, the old brother told me to keep the enemy in the middle of all the rest of the world, and I tried a little bit, but I only lost my cousin! Scored an impressive wins the favor of me to go, and I began to more the more fierce, has been to eat other people's pieces, and layout, know the name of each step, to go lost


       During the summer vacation, I was on my way back from zhouzhuang, just in time for a heavy rain.

       How do we catch up? Set out in the morning, the sky was cloudless, when on the highway, the sky is cloudy, and more and more black, dark of a distant day, be full of dark clouds, not and in a short while the rain falls down, then the rain is more and more big, and then became a downpour, the rain falls on the window, see through. All the cars turned on the lights, and dad opened the rain and slowed the car. Just then I noticed that the rain was running down the window. I quickly recorded it. When the car stopped, the rain came down again.

       According to my *** ysis, is that, when dad drive air pushed up the rain, when I grow up, I must learn more knowledge to prove my idea is correct.




       一、My Friend George(我的朋友乔治)

       George is my friend. He is 12 years old. He is 152 centimetres tall. He weighs 40 kilograms. He usually plays basketball and table tennis at the weekend.?

       He lives in the countryside. There are a lot of houses with gardens in the countryside. There are hills, rivers, lakes and a lot of trees.?

       People there like to walk or ride their bikes. I often go there at the weekend. We enjoy ourselves there.



       二、Changes in Shenzhen(深圳的变化)

       In the past, Shenzhen was a small village. There were some low houses. There were not many trees. There were not many people in the village.?

       People rode bikes or walked to a faraway place. They got the crops in by hand. So the life was very hard.Now Shenzhen is a beautiful city.?

       There are a lot of tall buildings. There are many trees and flowers in the city. The air is very fresh here. People likes shopping and playing with their friends.?

       Some people enjoy themselves at the parks or museums. They often use the computer to work. They can take a subway or plane drive the car to a faraway place in a short time. People in Shenzhen have a modern life. They like Shenzhen very much.




       三、My school in the future(学校的将来)

       In the future , my school will be very big . It will be even in space . We will go there by a space ship . There will be a big library .

There will be many books in the library . We will read books there . We will use a machine to find books . There will be a big playground . We can play ball games there .?

       And we will have a lot of fun there . There will be a computer room . Students will do a lot of things and play games there. Some students’ homes are far away from school.?

       So they will study online at home . Students will have a little homework , so we can have a good time at home . Sometimes we can play in the garden with our friends .I think my school will be very better and better .




       四、My favourite painting(我最喜欢的画)

       It is a famous picture by Xu Beihong. Mr. Xu was a painter who was good at Chinese ink painting and oil painting.?

       The name of the picture is Running Horse. It was painted in 1941. It’s a Chinese ink painting. It’s in black and white.?

       Look at the running horse , it has strong legs. It looks powerful. I like it because I like horses. This horse looks powerful.


       五、The name of the picture()

       The name of the picture is Sunflowers. This is a painting by Vincent van Gogh. He was a Netherlands painter.? He painted this picture in France , 1888.?

       It's a famous oil painting. In the picture , there are some beautiful yellow flowers in the vase. I like the picture because it's colourful. And it makes me feel alive when I look at it. This is my favourite painting.

       The name of the picture is Mona Lisa. It's a famous oil painting. This is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.?

       He was a great painter. He was from Italy. In the picture , there is a beautiful woman. I like the picture because I am very curious about her smile.?




       六、A gift for my father(一个给我父亲的礼物)

       Father’s Day is coming. I want to make a pen holder for my father. I need a piece of paper, a bottle and some sticks.?

       First, colour the sticks and write some words on it. Next, stick the paper with glue around the bottle. Then, stick the sticks on the paper with some glue. Finally, I make a beautiful pen holder.


       七、A gift for my cousin(一个给我表兄的礼物)

       Hello, I am Alice.Look! I made a puzzle.I used a picture, a piece of cardboard, some tape, a pair of scissors and a pencil.

       First, I stuck the picture onto the cardboard with the tape.Next, I drew some lines on the back of the cardboard.

       Then, I cut the picture into pieces.Finally, I put the puzzles into a box.I made it for my cousin.Because he likes doing the puzzles.

       翻译:你好,我是爱丽丝,看! 我做了一个拼图。我用了一幅画,一块纸板,一些胶带,一把剪刀和一个铅笔,先,我用磁带,下一个,我在后面画了几条线硬纸板。那么,我把照片剪成碎片。终于,我把拼图放进一个盒子里。我为我的表兄。因为他喜欢做拼图。

       八、My PE lessons(我的体育课)

       Hello, I am Mike. there are eight subjects. I am good at Chinese, Maths and English, but my favourite lesson is PE. We have three PE lessons at school every week.?

       I like the short races. And I run very fast. I like the high jump, too. Every day I do some exercise. Because I want to be a sportsman in the future. How about you?


       九、Bob--A helpful boy

       Bob is a helpful boy. He always helps his classmates and teachers. The blackboard is always dirty after lessons.

       He often cleans it. His teacher always carries many books to class, so he always opens the door when his teacher came in.?

       His classmate Ann is not good at Maths, Bob often helps her. Bob is very helpful, he often helps old people carry bags. He often gives money to poor people and he also gives his seat to old people.


       十、Help people(帮助人们)

       Helping others is a beautiful thing. My father is a doctor.He often helps sick people.Under my father's influence,I also learn to help people.?

       At school I help my classmates and my teachers.After school I often help old people cross the street and carry heavy bags for them.

At home when I finish homework, I help my mother clean the house,wash dishes and water the plants.When I help people, I am so glad.