1.初一英语作文带翻译 5篇 急用 词数60左右

2.初一英语作文60词左右 3篇带翻译


初一英语作文带翻译 5篇 急用 词数60左右

       i have to go English classes every Saturday and Sunday. although i want to enjoy my holidays, i know this is the thing i must try my best. the English classes let me know a lot about the western culture and life. some of them are quite different from the things here in our country. for example, how to have the soup? the soup in some foreign countries, such as France, is kind of solid. so what we should know is the way how we use the scoop. do you know this? find it out and have a try. (English classes)


        What the things we can do much more in vacation? of course, that is watching TV. and this day-offs the programs we watch the most are the sports matches. i like ping-pong most. which one do you love best? for the time with the games, my homework is far away from the real end. but you know, it's worth! now i'm making the efforts. how about you? do you have the same problem with me? aha~(watch TV)


初一英语作文60词左右 3篇带翻译

       第一篇:My day I got up early in the morning.I felt really fine today.I washed my hands and had breakfast.And then I started to do my homework,it was really difficult,but I finished it.I played basketball in the afternoon,and in the evening, I went to see a movie with my parents. I was really happy today. 第二篇: My family My family is warm.I love my father and mother.I like eat fruit,such as banana and apple,and my hobby is playing computer games.My father is a football fan,he like football very much,and he like eat fruit too.My mother is very busy, she like eat vegetables,and I think vegetables are good for health,and she like watching TV very much.I love my family. 第三篇: My store I want to open a fruit store,because I like eating fruit very much.I will sell all kinds of fruit,banana、apple、watermelon and so on.On the advertise,I will draw some fresh fruit,so that my store can sell well. 第四篇today is a special day,it's by best friend's birthday. my best friend call lily,she is very friendly,and today is her birthday,her parents prepered a party for her,and she invited us go to her party . There were so many foods in her party and very tasty.Everybody enjoyed it.and she got a whole lot of gives. 第五第六篇My family photo. I have a family photo. I treasure it very much. It is kept in my drawer. I took the photo with my father and mother last year. We were all smiling happily at that moment. And this photo has kept that happy moment forever. I often take out the photo for a look. I hope my family will be happy like this forever. Myself My name is (姓名). I am (年龄)years old. I was born in (出生地点). I study in (学校名字). My hobbies are reading and watching television. My favorite subject is Mathematics. I like to eat chicken and apple. I scared of cockroach very much. The thing that I don't like to do the most is sport. My ambition is to become a teacher. I will study hard to achieve my dream. 第七篇 Though my daily life is extremely monotonous, I try hard to adapt myself to it. Why? Because I intend to be a good student. I wish to render service to my country. I get up at six o’clock every day. After I wash my face and brush my teeth, I begin to review my lessons. I go to school at seven o’clock. After school is over, I return home. We usually have supper at seven o’clock.Then I begin to do my homework. I want to finish it before I go to bed. 虽然我的日常生活十分单调,但我却竭力设法去适应它.为什么?我打算做一个好学生,希望将来为国家服务. 我每天六点起床、洗脸刷牙后,就开始复习功课,七点钟我就去上学. 放学后,我就回家了.我们通常在七点钟吃晚餐,之后我就开始做家庭作业,希望在睡觉前把它做完. 第八篇As is well known, books teach us to learn life, truth, science and many other useful things. They increase our knowledge, broaden our minds and strengthen our character. In other words, they are our good teachers and wise friends. This is the reason why our parents always encourage us to read more books. Reading is a good thing, but we must pay great attention to the choice of books. It is true that we can derive benefits from good books. However, bad books will do us more harm than good. 如众所周知,书籍教我们学习人生,真理,科学以及其它许多有用的东西.它们增加我们的知识,扩大我们的心胸并加强我们的品格.换句话说,它们是我们的良师益友.这是为什么我们的父母终是鼓励我们要多读书的理由. 读书是一好事,但我们多加注意书的选择.不错,我们能从好书中获得益处.然而,坏书却对我们有害无益. 第九篇 An English proverb says that time is money. I consider it (this) wrong. Why? Because we all know that we can earn money be work but can not in any way get back time (in anyway). For this reason, we may (can) say that time is more valuable than money. Many people do not know the value of time. It (this) is indeed a great pity. We must bear (keep) in mind that wasting time is equal to wasting your life. 第十篇 最佳答案-网友投票选出 i have nine little goldfish .eight goldfish are all orange and one is black .i like the black one best. we call it xiao hei .its body is black .it has two big and round eyes, a small mouth ,and a big tail. though it's very small ,it swims fast . i often feed them and change water for them. we are good friends . 我有九条小金鱼。八条金鱼都是桔**的,只有一条是黑的。我最喜欢那条黑的。我们叫它小黑。它全身都是黑色的。它有两只又大又圆的眼睛,一张小嘴和一条大尾巴。尽管它非常小,但它却游得很快。我常常去喂它们,给它们换水。我们是好朋友。 第十一篇my father is the man i respect most. stern as he may be, he never fails to show his care and consideration. once i broke a neighbor's window. seeing nobody around, i ran away immediately. when dad came home, he noticed my uneasiness and asked me what had happened. i could only tell him the truth. rather than scold me, he praised my honesty and then encouraged me to apologize to our neighbor. i learned from this episode that not only does dad take care of our health but he also teaches us how to be good citizens. how lucky i am to have such a good father! 第十二篇I travel I can't wait to my trip. I am going to a happy and interesting -- that's trip to Shanghai world expo. I ever expo in front, but this time to host the world expo, how can not visit? The expo, and is everywhere, the venues are queuing phenomenon, popular venue is one more numerous, such as dragon. Saudi Arabia, Japan, the museum with them for me I visited a bite yaoya, Germany, the German advanced equipment, technology is developed, which is very helpful and interesting. We have watched Shanghai enterprise jointly hall hall, some enterprises in the museum are national museum of puxi, son, are located in pudong expo in the central axis expo garden. We also ZhongGuoGuan appointment to the person, but in ZhongGuoGuan or countless. Although the government is a big problem in the queue, obstruct our trip, but the national museum and enterprise inside, advanced technology and stunning film, or are we see. We really regret it This is my travel - Shanghai world expo 第十三篇Welcome to my hometown! Haimen is my hometown. It is a modern and busy town. It has a long history. There are many big supermarkets, beautiful gardens and good factories here. It is very easy to go shopping. You can see green hills, big trees and nice flowers. There are many restaurants in Haimen. You can enjoy Haimen goat. It tastes very delicious. Many visitors come here to enjoy it. There are many good places to visit. There is a park and a big Shopping Mall. You can see films in Renmin Theatre. My school is one of the best schools in my hometown. It is on Changjiang Road. It is very beautiful. I hope you can come and visit soon. 第十四篇my mother Here is my mother. She is a good mather.she uaually comunicate with me.She fourty years old.She likes singing and swimming.she watches TV every night at home.She likes go shopping.She very perrty.I like very her much. This is my mother. I like her very much.Do you like my mother?

       1.It is Teachers'Day on September 10th every year.Teachers are the greatest people in the world,I think,because they teach us how to write and read.The most important is that they teach us how to be a real man.They are also kind to everybody and they don't want anyone to fall behind others.They always get on very well with their students,and they are our best friends.When students are in trouble,they can help them in time.I will be a teacher when I grow up.


       2. I had a happy summer holiday because I did many interesting things.

        I went to the beach and I swam in the sea.I called my friend and played with them.I visited my grandparents and ate much delicious food.

        Then I went to the zoo whit my sister.I was very happy.Because I saw a lot of animals.They were very lovely.So I took photos of all animals.I liked the butterflies best.They were colourful and beautiful.My sister liked it too.

        I had a wonderful summer holiday this year.





       3.We toured most of the day, feast for the eyes, I am very happy because this is my first time at the zoo. I saw a lot of small animals.

       Summer, my father took me to the Nanchang zoo.

       First of all, we came to Rabbit Park, and my father spent a dollar to buy a box of shredded radish fed rabbit, and when I come up with a shredded radish, all of the rabbit are over crowded to eat, I will feed a small gray rabbit, and then feeding a small white rabbit. Let me and my aunt who is also rabbit photography, then pulled a small white rabbit urine, we all laughed.

       We have also come to zebra park, where there are many zebra, zebra body has a black and white lines, very beautiful.

       We toured most of the day, feast for the eyes, I am very happy because this is my first time at the zoo. I saw a lot of small animals. They are very cute, I also touched them then!