4.以 诚信至上为题的英语作文




       Honesty is the best policy

       Today I read an instructive speech, in which the speaker argues that honesty is the best policy by telling us a true story about an overseas Chinese student who couldn’t find a job because of his dishonest records. I can’t agree with the speaker more. Honesty means all the difference between success and failure. Honesty will eventually bring people benefits while dishonesty may bring people short -term benefits but will surely bring disasters to them in the long run. Take Mr. Mao, headmaster of ××× national model high school, for example. In face of fierce competition, some teachers neglected their students cheating in examinations and worse still some even cheated themselves to please school leaders. Mr Mao strongly opposed this phenomenon. As a result, his honesty led to his great success as a chemistry teacher and he was promoted as headmaster three years ago. Another opposite example is Sanlu milk powder company. In order to make more money, they added a toxic chemical-melamine to the milk powder they produced, which made it appear to have more protein than was actually the case. The company made a lot of money by such dishonest means. But when the scandal was disclosed, not only did the company have to close down, but also some officials concerned were sent to prison. Honesty is important in our study and future career .Therefore, we should always remember honesty is the best policy and promise to be honest all our life.




       It Pays to Be Honesty

       It is undeniable that dishonesty in our society, which does us much harm in many respects, has aroused public concern nowadays. For example, many doctors sell unnecessary but expensive medicines to their patients in order to get more money, And a lot of people buy fake certificates so that they can get better jobs. Also, some students cheat on exams. Even such famous star as Ouyang San, once considered China’s movie king, cheated the government on income taxes

       It is unequivocally well known that being honest is beneficial to the people involved. Meanwhile, a sense of honesty builds up in others’ hearts, which, in turn, will earn you true friendship. But it is probably less well known that being honest in equally beneficial to ourselves.

       Despite the widespread practices of dishonesty, we should take firm steps to end this unhealthy trend, so as to make the world more beautiful.


       Cheating On Exams It is known to us all that some students cheat in exams at school. As students, we often take exams at school, but sometimes we have too many exams which are too difficult for us. On the other hand, some of us are lazy and don’t work hard at their lessons. So when taking exams, they sometimes cheat in order to get better results to please their parents and teachers. In my opinion, it is wrong to cheat in exams because it breaks the rules of schools. We students should be honest and try to get good results by studying hard instead of cheating in exams. What's more, we should improve our study methods and get well prepared for exams.

以 诚信至上为题的英语作文


       The article is mainly written with "honesty" as its main topic and "events" as its proof.


       The article tells us the truth because of a bet:black eyes gave her the heart of the fireball in order not to want blue feathers to die.


       and finally told the wise owl the truth of the incident, because of his honest quality, the wise owl reced the loss of the tribe.


       This story tells us to have an honest heart and a sincere heart to others.



       Honesty is a good virtue.If you are honest all the time,you’ll be trusted and respected by others.A liar is always looked down upon and regarded as a black sheep by the people around.Once you lie,people will never believe you even if you speak the truth.

       However,in the tide of commodity economy today,it seems that more and more people believe in money at the sacrifice of honesty.To them,among such things as health,beauty,m6ney,intelligence,honesty,reputation and talent

       Almost all of us heard the story “Here Comes the Wolf” when we were little kids. What we can learn from the story is that we must be honest. However, there’re lots of phenomena of dishonesty nowadays.

       Being dishonest does great harm not only to other people but also to yourself. Take the case of fake milk powder for example. After drinking this kind of milk, the babies had big heads while their legs and arms were still thin, which badly affected their health. To our great relief, the producers got accused and punished for all the serious consequences in the end.

       Having the reputation of being honest and reliable will make other people trust you, which will provide you many benefits and give you opportunities that others may not get. Being honest, you will find it easier to cooperate with others and people will be friendly to you and support you. In a sense, if life is a long journey, honesty will be the backpack that should be taken along all the way.

       Let’s pick up our “backpack”—honesty, and start the wonderful journey!